Thursday’s Good News!

1.  A guy in England was on his way to a dog show on Sunday when he found a lost pup on the side of the road.  So he picked it up . . . entered it into the contest . . . and it took third in the “Rescue Dog” category.

He tracked down the owners later and got the dog back to them.  Her name is Bonnie, and she’s a five-year-old beagle-mix.  (Here’s a photo.)


2.  A single mom who works as a bartender near Dallas got a $4,000 tip last week.  Two women came in and bought a round of drinks for everyone.  The one paying left a $1,000 tip, but then said it wasn’t enough and upped it to four grand.  It turned out she’d just inherited some money and wanted to pay it forward.


3.  A woman in Alabama just got her class ring back 53 YEARS after she lost it in a lake.  It slipped off her finger while she was swimming in 1969.  Someone found it while fishing and tracked down her son to give it back.


4.  A Harvard study just found that being religious or spiritual can help you live longer.  People involved in any sort of “spiritual community” tend to live longer, healthier lives.  And they’re at less risk for depression.