Thursday’s Good News!


1.  A couple in Colorado got married on 2/22/22 at 2:22 P.M.  And they weren’t the only ones.  Getting married on “Twosday” was a popular thing to do this week.  One couple in San Diego said they only decided to get in on it the night before, and were married less than 24 hours later.


2.  Speaking of marriages, a couple in France are in the news because they both planned surprise proposals . . . and chose the same moment to propose to each other.


3.  In other 2/22 news:  A kid in New Mexico turned a year old on Tuesday, which was a big deal because he weighed less than a pound at birth.  His name is Javi.  He weighed in at 11-and-a-half ounces and spent 127 days in the ICU, but he’s doing great now.


4.  A mom in Minnesota used BRIBERY to get her son to stay off social media for SIX YEARS.  When he was 12, she said she’d pay him $1,800 if he avoided social media until his 18th birthday, and he actually did it.  She bragged about it on Facebook . . . which is fairly ironic . . . and says it’s the best money she’s ever spent.

Our first question was will he keep it going now?  And the answer is a resounding NO.  He immediately signed up for Instagram, but says he feels like an 80-year-old and has no idea what he’s doing on there.