Thursday’s Good News!

Be sure to click on the highlighted words and phrases to see pictures and videos from each story!

1.  A pregnant woman in Utah saved a guy from a house fire last week.  He was sleeping and would have died if she hadn’t banged on his door.  Then after the house next door caught fire, two cops ran in and pulled out a woman and her dog.


2.  A 74-year-old cancer survivor who runs a pot-bellied pig sanctuary in Maryland just set several records for powerlifting.  (???)  Her name is Nancy Slocumb, and she’s currently caring for 19 pot-bellied pigs.  Last month, she bench-pressed 88 pounds, and deadlifted 154 pounds.  Both are state records for women over 70.


3.  A guy named Tom Tilton has been the captain of a ferry in Seattle for 25 years, and just retired last week.  And on his last day, he rescued a woman who went overboard.


4.  A guy in Massachusetts had open-heart surgery last month.  Then a friend sent him a Get Well Soon card with a lottery ticket inside.  And it hit for a MILLION BUCKS.

This part’s fun too:  It was a crossword-style ticket, where he had to spell out 11 different words to win a million.  And the last one he spelled out at the bottom of the ticket was the word “Heart.”


(Bonus Good News:  A guy in North Carolina just had a crazy lotto win too.  He forgot he’d already bought a ticket.  So he bought another one with the same numbers . . . and won TWO $25,000-a-year-for-life prizes.)