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Zach Bryan & Lumineers – “Spotless”

Zach Bryan’s latest album features a few collaborations including one with Lumineers frontman Wesley Schultz. His self titled album will be released on October 13.

Inhaler – “Just To Keep You Satisified”

The band’s latest song details the efforts a person who goes through great lengths to keep their lover satisfied. The song comes from the band’s “Cuts and Bruises” album released earlier this year.

Everclear – “Sing Away”

It was the story of a suicide by a 10 year old boy along with too many other stories  of teen suicides and bullying that led Art Alexakis to write “Sing Away” back in 2019 for a solo album. He always felt it was an Everclear song, so the band recorded it for their album too.

Killers – “Your Side Of Town”

Brandon Flowers wrote this latest song for the band, but hasn’t really talked about the meaning behind it. However, they shared a message on social media when they released it saying, “It’s got the ghosts of a lot of synth music that inspired us over the years,” the post reads. “And yet somehow feels completely our own. Now it’s yours! Turn it up”

Joe P – “Don’t Wanna Love U”

Joe P had this to say about his new song, “Basically, it’s the saddest song I’ve ever written dressed up in a happy song’s clothes,”. Essentially it’s about the heartbreaking experience of loving someone you shouldn’t. Joe P performs at Polaris Hall on October 18th.

Peter Gabriel – “Road To Joy”

i/o doesn’t have a release date yet but it’s Gabriel’s first full-length album of new original music since 2002’s “Up”. Gabriel produced this song with  Brian Eno (who is also credited on this track with rhythm programming and progressing, manipulated guitar and ukulele) and it’s being described  as more fun and upbeat than the rest of the album.

Brandy Clark ft. Brandi Carlile – “Dear Insecurity”

The song came about for Brandy when someone hurt her feelings right before she was leaving for a song writing meeting and she couldn’t shake her mood. As she was driving to her appointment, she remembered one of her friends telling her, “Insecurity is the ugliest human emotion”, and the song developed from there.

The Record Company – “Talk To Me”

“Talk To Me” explores the unfinished business of a love lost or an addition that’s still knocking on the front door.

Foo Fighters – “Under You”

Working through grief, the band releases another song from their new album, “But Here We Are”. “Under You” is part of hte healing process as Dave Grohl writes about their friend and bandmate, Taylor Hawkins:

Someone said I’ll never see your face again
Part of me just can’t believe it’s true
Pictures of us sharing songs and cigarettes
This is how I’ll always picture you

Over it
Think I’m getting over it
There’s no getting over It

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Mitski – “Bug like an Angel”

“Bug Like an Angel” is a stark song, featuring Mitski’s voice and an acoustic guitar, narrating the loneliness at the bottom of a bottle.

Tyler Childers – “In Your Love”

A ballad about the hard work of true love comes to life in this video that focuses on a love story between two gay cola miners in 1950’s Appalacia. Childers inspiration comes from two different family members, his father, who was a coal miner and a cousin, who’s gay and left home for Chicago, never to return to Kentucky.

Portugal. The Man – “Summer of Luv”

“Summer of Luv” didn’t start out as a psychedelic song, but according to Portugal. The Man frontman John Gourley, they intended to make it a heavier song with a big riff, “but the vocals came out chill because I was still recovering from my jaw problems, we realized it sat better in this space. The song turned out totally different than we intended.”. The band will perform in the PNC Live Studio at KINK on August 23rd.

Revivalists – “Good Old Days”

The message, of course, in this latest song, is to recognize and appreciate these moments, that these are the good old days, and the future is uncertain. They put the demo down back in 2018 but it didn’t come to life until their most recent album.

Phillip Phillips – “Dancing With Your Shadows”

Phillip’s latest, “Dancing With Your Shadows” was co-written with Todd Clark and Quinn Lewis and is about knowing someone so well, you’re able to see them fall or struggle before they do. He explained, “Sometimes when someone is in that place, they don’t need you to fix it, they just need you to be in it with them.”

The National ft Taylor Swift – “The Alcott”

Aaron Dressner from the band said this wasn’t the kind of song he had planned for the album, most of hte songs are up tempo and loud rock songs. However, when Matt Berninger wrote the song, they decided to share it with Taylor Swift. She replied with a bit of a re-write, making it more of a conversation between two lovers.

Noah Kahan – “Dial Drunk”

Noah Kahan co-wrote this song with  another Noah – Noah Levine.  The song came to them after a game of basketball with some friends. It’s about thinking about your ex at a particular moment in time, a bad time, after driving drunk and getting pulled over, using that one phone call to call your ex. A call that she won’t  pick up.


Bully feat. Soccer Mommy – “Lose You”

“Lose You” is the latest by Bully, a solo project of singer, songwriter and guitarist Alicia Bognanno. Their fourth album “Lucky For You” has critics raving, call it their best record yet. If you’re craving a 90’s alt-rock vibe, “Lose You” has you covered. The song also features Sophie Allison of Soccer Mommy on vocals.


Grouplove – “Hello”

Who knew there was such a thing as a 5-person suit? But sure enough, that’s one thing that Grouplove showcases in the video for “Hello”. The song itself is in keeping with the 90’s indie style music that the band is known for and it’s the first release from their upcoming album, “I Want It All Right Now”

Blur – “The Narcissist”

“The Ballad of Darren” is Blur’s first album since 2015 and the first release is a straightforward Blur song. “The Narcissist” is an easy to listen to Call and Response from the band, and might just end up on your summer soundtrack. “The Ballad of Darren” will hit record stores on July 21st.

Jenny Lewis – “Psychos”

Jenny Lewis’s song has been milling around for a few years now, she performed it onstage at a show in Eau Claire, WI. But it’s taken four years for it to become “official” and end up on one of her albums. “Joy’All” is her fifth album and we’re about a week away from its release (June 9th). The beginnings of the album began while on tour pre-COVID (see “Psychos”) and took shape during the pandemic. She’ll be in Bend with Beck and Phoenix in August.

Post Malone “Chemical”

In his new song, Post Malone sings about a breakup that he just can’t seem to let go. It’s his first song of the year and is expected to be on his upcoming fifth album (name and date of release unknown). In addition to music, Malone is taking a dive into acting, he’ll be in  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (August release), and He’s also set to appear in the Christmas comedy Dear Santa alongside comedic actor-musician Jack Black.

David Kushner “Daylight”

Kushner has had help from platforms like TikTok to get attention for this song, he released a snippet of it in January and three months it was used in more than 230,000 clips on the platform. He also used the song to soundtrack the “you look happier; what happened” trend that he started on the platform; it shows users posting a photo of themselves looking happy, and then cutting to a clip of their partner. He’s going to open for Lewis Capaldi on July 1 in Wales on his Broken By Desire to Be Heavenly Sent Tour.

SYML – “Believer”

SYML (aka Brian Fennel) released their most recent album, “The Day My Father Died” earlier this year and it features the song, “Believer”.  Here’s his take on it: “To be a believer in something is as pure as it gets,” says Fennell. “For me, it’s when I realized it was never a god or magical ghost, but my lover and how I fell at her feet.”

Boygenius – “Not Strong Enough”

Formed in 2018, this supergroup trio consists of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus. After their release of an EP then, they took four years off before working on their debut album, “The Record”. The video for this song was shot by the three and feels like a home movie of a summer road trip. Boygenius will be at Hayden Home Amphitheater on July 30th.

Hozier – “Eat Your Young” 

According to an interview with Rolling Stone, the EP and the upcoming album were guided by the circles of hell present in Dante’s Inferno, with “Eat Your Young” symbolizing gluttony through ravenous lyricism about devouring food from your table and your young. Though neither is considered a concept album in the traditional sense. “There’s a subtle element and I wanted to be light and playful with it. The album can be taken as a collection of songs, but also as a little bit of a journey. It starts with a descent and I’ve arranged the songs according to their themes into nine circles, just playfully reflecting Dante’s nine circles and then an ascent at the end,” Hozier said.

Portugal The Man – “Dummy”

“Chris Black Changed My Life” is the upcoming album (June 23rd) from the Portland band. The album is dedicated to the band’s late friend and honorary band member, Chris Black. “Dummy” is the first single and is also featured in Taco Bell’s ad campaign, a relationship that began during the band’s ‘lean years’ when they’d stop often at the fast food chain.