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Hozier – “Eat Your Young” 

According to an interview with Rolling Stone, the EP and the upcoming album were guided by the circles of hell present in Dante’s Inferno, with “Eat Your Young” symbolizing gluttony through ravenous lyricism about devouring food from your table and your young. Though neither is considered a concept album in the traditional sense. “There’s a subtle element and I wanted to be light and playful with it. The album can be taken as a collection of songs, but also as a little bit of a journey. It starts with a descent and I’ve arranged the songs according to their themes into nine circles, just playfully reflecting Dante’s nine circles and then an ascent at the end,” Hozier said.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs – “Wolf”

The video for their new song stars Britt Lower from “Severance”, playing a wife working through feelings of confinement, wildness and intimacy. Check it out below:

Portugal The Man – “Dummy”

“Chris Black Changed My Life” is the upcoming album (June 23rd) from the Portland band. The album is dedicated to the band’s late friend and honorary band member, Chris Black. “Dummy” is the first single and is also featured in Taco Bell’s ad campaign, a relationship that began during the band’s ‘lean years’ when they’d stop often at the fast food chain.

Beck – “Thinking About You”

If you’re a fan of Beck’s “Morning Phase” and “Sea Change” phase, his new single is for you. It was even recorded in the same studio where he recorded “Sea Change”. We don’t know if this song will be on his next studio album or if it’s a one-off as he prepares for his co-headlining tour with Phoenix later this summer.

Steve Lacy – “Helmet”

“Helmet” is the follow-up to Lacy’s “Bad Habit” from his “Gemini Rights” album, both “Bad Habit” and “Gemini Rights” getting Grammy nods for the artist.

Beebadoobee – “The Perfect Pair”

Have you ever come to the realization that “that thing” you hate about a person is the thing that reminds you of yourself? That’s the theme for Beebadoobee’s new song, set to a boss-nova-like beat, it’s on her second album, “Beatopia”.

Bakar – “Good News

If you’re lucky, you’ve fallen head over heels in love with someone. The UK singer is there and writes about it in “Good News”, with lyrics that include finding joy in he small, intimate moments they share.

Revivalists – “Kid”

The band announced their fifth studio album with the release of the song, “Kid”. David Shaw (vocalist/Lead guitar) said the song captures the essence of life. “We all go through ups and downs. Sometimes, we don’t believe in ourselves. We’ve got skeletons in the closet trying to drag us down. But you’ve got to believe in yourself. You’ve just got to live for the spirit. Nothing good ever comes easy. If you don’t have hope, what do you have?” “Pour It Out Into The Night” will be released on June 2nd.

Young The Giant – “The Walk Home”

“Act II: Exile” is the second in a 4-part series of EPs the Irvine, California band  released in 20222. There are only four songs on this EP and “The Walk Home” gives a sense of hope for the future.

Depeche Mode – “Ghosts Again”

The band started working on their new album, “Memento Mori”, early on in the pandemic and the songs are heavily influenced by that time. Following the passing of founding member, Andy “Fletch” Fletcher, the two remaining founding members (Martin Gore & Dave Gahan) said carrying on gave the project extra meaning.

Caroline Polachek – “Welcome To My Island”

Caroline wrote “Welcome To My Island” in 2018 while recording her album, “Pang” and describes the song as “brash and bratty and funny and chaotic and manic”. When we all listened to it in our weekly music meeting we all loved it!

Inhaler – “Love Will Get You There”

“Love Will Get You There” is in spired by the friend of the band. Their second album, “Cuts & Bruises”, contains a number of songs written about relationships – with each other and with other people. In an interview with the BBC, the band said, “It’s a tender record. It’s a bit awkward to put out because you feel a bit exposed but it’ll be good”

Dave Matthews Band – “Madman’s Eye”

The latest from the Dave Matthews Band is infused with a Middle Eastern sound and has darker undertones that what we usually hear from the band. “Madman’s Eye” is the first song from their upcoming release and they debuted it in Columbus, OH in November 2021. “Walk Around The Moon”, their 10th album, is out May 19th.

The National – “Tropic Morning News”

It’s the first song to be released from The National’s upcoming album, “First Two Pages Of Frankenstein” due out April 28th. Matt Berninger and his wife, Carin Besser co-wrote the song, the title comes from a phrase that Besser uses to describe doom scrolling on social media. Word has it that the band’s 9th album includes songs with Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift and Sufjan Stevens as well. Heads up that the band will be at Edgefield for two nights this year, June 2nd & 3rd.

Death Cab for Cutie – “Pepper”

Death Cab for Cutie celebrates 25 years as a band and the release of “Asphalt Meadows”, their 10th studio album. As guitarist/keyboardists Dave Depper describes it, “…The band just feels comfortable in its own skin. It feels like it’s this five-piece band, honoring the past but not bound by it”

White Reaper – “Pages”

If you’re thinking the scenery behind White Reaper in their new video looks familiar, you’re not wrong. Lance Bangs directed the video and he calls Portland his adopted home base. Our city looks good as a backdrop to their new song, “Pages”. Tony Esposito (guitarist/singer) says the 10 songs on their new album, “Asking for a Ride” best represent the White Reaper live experience.

The Lone Bellow – “Honey”

The title of their new album, “Love Songs For Losers” comes from Zach Williams’s feeling of always seeing himself as a loser in love – never quite getting his relationships right. The title of the first song released from the album, “Honey” was born out of how his wife doesn’t like to be called ‘honey’ or ‘baby’ and he turned it into a song about sometimes wanting to go back to the days of when they were first in love. 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Burning”

The release of “Cool It Down” makes it the first album for the New York City band in nine years. “Burning” contains a lyrical nod to Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons “Beggin” with the video giving out a West Side Story vibe.


Paloma Faith ft. Teddy Swims – Only Love Can Hurt Like This

British singer-songwriter  Paloma Faith released a new version of this song with American Teddy Swims. The original version was released on her album, “A Perfect Contradiction”. Faith and Swims recorded the song remotely, having never met prior to recording.

Cigarettes After Sex – Apocalypse

In “Apocalypse”, Greg Gonzalez whispers over a guitar and rhythm section, creating a dreamy and beautiful song off their self-titled debut album.

Talk – Run Away To Mars

“‘Run Away to Mars’ came to me when I was feeling really alone and isolated. Writing has always been a way for me to process and deal with my emotions, and for this song I pictured myself as far away as humanly possible. In my mind, that was Mars,” explains Nicholas Durocher. “I love movies about space and adventure, and I drew inspiration from those worlds to build my own – kind of like a kid making a cardboard rocket ship in his backyard. I just happen to be better at making songs than I am at arts and crafts. As the song started to grow in my head and on paper, it transformed into a love song for humanity. A way to feel, just for a moment, what it would be like to leave it all behind. A love song for Mother Earth.”

Beach Weather – Sex, Drugs, Etc.

The trio’s first two EPs built a buzzing underground audience of new fans over the past few years, with the biggest hit being “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” After being featured in the Spanish-language Netflix teen drama “Control Z” in 2020, the single then boomeranged back into the spotlight this year gaining massive popularity through a TikTok trend.

Rosa Linn – Snap

Rosa Linn’s “Snap” has been surging up the Spotify charts, accumulating considerably more streams than it had been getting in the weeks surrounding the Eurovision 2022 contest that it was a part of.  As of June 30, the song was being streamed over 500,000 times a day.

For a song that finished in a humble 20th place in the Grand Final with 61 points, this is an incredible achievement, especially for a young up-and-coming artist from Armenia.

Noah Kahan – Stick Season

“I wrote ‘Stick Season’ without knowing it would become, in my opinion, the most important song of my career,” Kahan shared in a statement. “It allowed me to finally cross over into the style of songwriting that I have loved my entire life, and the second I finished writing it, I felt a level of comfort and honesty that I had never previously felt since I began my journey in music.”

Zach Bryan – Something In The Orange

This video features crowd sourced footage shot by fans and captures the raw and unfiltered emotion of the Zach Bryan’s live experience.