Seafret – “Atlantis”

British duo Seafret consists of singer Jack Sedman and guitarist Harry Draper who met at an open mic night near their hometown of Bridlington. “Atlantis” was the first song released from their debut album, “Tell Me It’s Real”.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Burning”

The release of “Cool It Down” makes it the first album for the New York City band in nine years. “Burning” contains a lyrical nod to Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons “Beggin” with the video giving out a West Side Story vibe.

Heavy Heavy – “Miles and Miles”

This song comes from the duo’s debut EP, “Life and Life Only” released in June. Heavy Heavy, a Brighton, UK based band features the harmonies of Will Turner and Georgie Fuller, and if you love this, you won’t have to wait long for new music. They’ve already announced a full-length album is due out next year.

Michigander- “Stay Out Of It”

The new song from the band was co-written by Michigan native Jason Singer and Danen Reed Rector along with bandmates Aaron Senor and Jake LeMond. Singer describes the idea behind the song this way,”‘Stay Out Of It’ is a song about speaking up and saying how you feel even when sometimes it’s best to keep quiet”.

Dayglow – “Then It All Goes Away”

Sloan Struble is the voice behind Dayglow and the creative force. Dayglow’s new album “People in Motion” features “Then It All Goes Away”, a song he wrote after coming home from his tour last year. The song was essentially written in a day and he describes the process this way,  “I started writing the bass line during my morning coffee and I finished the full composition by the end of the day. It felt so fresh and natural to write; I was just having fun honestly. It felt like a year’s worth of unconscious ideas all came to the front of my brain at once and just spilled out.”

Taylor Swift with Lana Del Rey – “Snow On The Beach”

Taylor Swift’s new album, “Midnight” features a song with Lana Del Rey, a song that was written by Swift, Del Rey and Jack Antonoff.  Swift said on her Instagram page that Snow On The Beach the song is about falling in love with someone at the same time as they’re falling in love with you. “In this sort of cataclysmically faded moment where you realize someone feels exactly the same way that you feel, at the same moment.”

Caamp – “The Otter”

In their new album, “Lavender Days”, Ohio band, Caamp use their storytelling abilities to capture the natural landscapes of their home state, including on this song.

Paramore – “This Is Why”

Paramore’s new song, This Is Why” was the final song written for their upcoming album and it reflects the band’s despair that months of lockdowns, and the subsequent isolation, didn’t bring about any real change in how the world deals with inequalities. Instead, the band felt that things just snapped  back to normal. As Hayley Williams said, “You’d think after… [the] impending doom of a dying planet, that humans would have found it deep within themselves to be kinder or more empathetic, or something.”

Ed Sheeran – “Celestial”

Ed Sheeran’s new song is a collaboration  with Pokemon, a game he’s played since he was a kid. “Even though I’m 31 now, I still own the same Game Boy Colour and play Pokémon Yellow or Silver on planes and trains when I’m on tour,” he said.

Paloma Faith ft. Teddy Swims – Only Love Can Hurt Like This

British singer-songwriter  Paloma Faith released a new version of this song with American Teddy Swims. The original version was released on her album, “A Perfect Contradiction”. Faith and Swims recorded the song remotely, having never met prior to recording.

Metric – All Comes Crashing

The Toronto-based band released “Formentera”, their eighth studio album in July. Lead singer, Emily Haines, describes their video as “…essentially a love song that goes beyond romantic love to be more an expression of solidarity with whoever it is you would want to have beside you in the event of a catastrophe”.

Cigarettes After Sex – Apocalypse

In “Apocalypse”, Greg Gonzalez whispers over a guitar and rhythm section, creating a dreamy and beautiful song off their self-titled debut album.

Omar Apollo – Evergreen

The Indiana-raised singer is heavily influenced by his Mexican-American heritage combining both Spanish and English in his debut album “Ivory”. “Evergreen” is about a lover who left Apollo for a  woman and, even  though he’s heartbroken, he wishes the man well.

The Lumineers – AM Radio

The video for this song was shot by the band’s Creative Director Nicholas Sutton Bell,  location at their alma mater of Ramsey High School in Ramsey, NJ.  They wanted to make a video that was like a Nike ad but for artists.

Phoenix – Tonight (feat. Ezra Koenig)

‘Tonight’ provides a new first for Phoenix, with Ezra Koenig’s (Vampire Weekend)  appearance on the track, marking the first time that a guest vocalist has featured on one of the band’s songs.

Florence + The Machine – Free

The new single “Free” has arrived along with a spirited, Autumn de Wilde-directed video starring the singer alongside actor Bill Nighy, who plays Welch’s anxiety personified.  It’s such a beautiful, whirlwind visual for an equally spectacular, exhilarating song about coming out on the other side of a struggle.

Talk – Run Away To Mars

“‘Run Away to Mars’ came to me when I was feeling really alone and isolated. Writing has always been a way for me to process and deal with my emotions, and for this song I pictured myself as far away as humanly possible. In my mind, that was Mars,” explains Nicholas Durocher. “I love movies about space and adventure, and I drew inspiration from those worlds to build my own – kind of like a kid making a cardboard rocket ship in his backyard. I just happen to be better at making songs than I am at arts and crafts. As the song started to grow in my head and on paper, it transformed into a love song for humanity. A way to feel, just for a moment, what it would be like to leave it all behind. A love song for Mother Earth.”

Allison Ponthier – Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The catchy “Hollywood Forever Cemetery” indulges a longtime obsession with the storied Los Angeles cemetery. She uses this fixation to explore issues of life and death. “It’s also about how people think being famous will fix them…only others get more vicious and critical the less they see someone as a person,” she says. “I’m very drawn to finding the human in people who have been dehumanised.”

The Black Keys – It Ain’t Over

Dan Auerbach compares “breaking the bank” to entice a love interest to gambling. Though it’s a “real long shot” and likely to break your heart, Auerbach urges the listener when attracted to someone to “lay your money down.” Don’t be discouraged when you feel like you’re “playing a losing game,” he adds, because dreams do come true. “It ain’t over” until it’s over and people do occasionally hit the jackpot and find true love.

Beach Weather – Sex, Drugs, Etc.

The trio’s first two EPs built a buzzing underground audience of new fans over the past few years, with the biggest hit being “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” After being featured in the Spanish-language Netflix teen drama “Control Z” in 2020, the single then boomeranged back into the spotlight this year gaining massive popularity through a TikTok trend.

Sam Fender – Spit of You

Fender said of the track: “‘Spit Of You’ is a song about boys and their dads. It’s based around my own relationship with my old man, and how we both struggle as blokes to communicate the way we feel to each other without it becoming a stand-off. It’s about how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as I get further into my twenties I see so much of myself in him, especially when it comes to being stubborn.

The 1975 – Part of the Band

On first listen, “Part of the Band” might sound like one of the past decade’s most hyperactive rock bands chilling out a little. Compared to the 1975’s more typical arena-filling singles, with their existential angst, glittery synths, and scream-along choruses, it’s the kind of song you could imagine Matty Healy introducing to his bandmates with just an acoustic guitar.

Rosa Linn – Snap

Rosa Linn’s “Snap” has been surging up the Spotify charts, accumulating considerably more streams than it had been getting in the weeks surrounding the Eurovision 2022 contest that it was a part of.  As of June 30, the song was being streamed over 500,000 times a day.

For a song that finished in a humble 20th place in the Grand Final with 61 points, this is an incredible achievement, especially for a young up-and-coming artist from Armenia.

Noah Kahan – Stick Season

“I wrote ‘Stick Season’ without knowing it would become, in my opinion, the most important song of my career,” Kahan shared in a statement. “It allowed me to finally cross over into the style of songwriting that I have loved my entire life, and the second I finished writing it, I felt a level of comfort and honesty that I had never previously felt since I began my journey in music.”

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats – I’m On Your Side

“I’m On Your Side” is a heroic vow of empathy for a world of reductive reactions and vocal belligerence; as insistent as the organ that roars beneath it, the song unfurls as a call to necessary solidarity.

Matt Maeson – Blood Runs Red

“‘Blood Runs Red’ is a song about being a successful artist and the narcissistic tendencies that come along with it. I toured for three years straight and received copious amounts of validation but when that ends and you go home, you’re left with yourself and who you’ve become while everyone else around you has remained the same,” shares Maeson.

Zach Bryan – Something In The Orange

This video features crowd sourced footage shot by fans and captures the raw and unfiltered emotion of the Zach Bryan’s live experience.


Cafuné – Tek It

This Brazilian Portuguese word in English means “running your fingers through the hair of someone you love.” The word cafuné is a peculiar gem that is part of a group of unique words that are unable to be translated into other languages. “Tek It” is the latest single from Brooklyn’s musical duo, Cafuné.