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Maggie Rogers – That’s Where I Am

“That’s Where I Am,” the first single from Surrender, is a chunky-boot strut through a floral pop fantasia. Stuttering electronics and handclaps underpin the momentum that builds through the song’s first minute, but then Rogers opens a floodgate of sleek guitar distortion, bassy synth and gated reverb on crashing drums.  The song has a fun 90’s alternative rock vibe.

Vance Joy – Clarity

This new track adds a world of depth to the folky indie-pop slant of Joy’s earlier material, supplementing his cool and cruisy acoustic strumming with deep bass grooves, crisp and lowkey, yet duly impactful drums and a soaring horn section.

Cafuné – Tek It

This Brazilian Portuguese word in English means “running your fingers through the hair of someone you love.” The word cafuné is a peculiar gem that is part of a group of unique words that are unable to be translated into other languages. “Tek It” is the latest single from Brooklyn’s musical duo, Cafuné.

Tom Odell – Best Day Of My Life

“The title track is perhaps the most poignant song on the album,” says Odell of the song that examines the highs and lows of life. “I guess the idea behind that was from my experience of sadness,” he continues. “After you’ve been through a really hard time, there are these incredible peaks of euphoria, these moments of almost uncontrollable joy, which you’re almost suspicious of.”

Florence + The Machine – My Love

In a press release, Florence says that “My Love” started off as a “sad little poem,” but it didn’t work as a dirge. Instead, Florence got help on the track from Dave Bayley, frontman of Glass Animals. Bayley suggested turning “My Love” into a dance track, and that’s what it’s become.

Weezer – A Little Bit of Love

The song starts off with a little toot on the harmonica before frontman Rivers Cuomo chimes in with one of his catchiest vocal melodies in a long time. The lyric “a little bit of love goes a pretty long way” is powerful given the past two years and the humanitarian disaster currently unfolding in Ukraine.  It’s the message we need to hear, even if it is a bit cheesy. 🙂

Imagine Dragons – Bones

“Bones” dives into some morbid topics. The singer talks about the feeling of aimlessness and purposelessness of life in the grand scheme of things. Life is such a fragile thing that can dwindle away any second. The lead singer of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds suffered some loss in his family not too long ago, which had prompted him to a state of grief, which he had expressed in songs such as “Birds” and “Wrecked” before.

The Black Keys – Wild Child

If the Black Keys release a song without an accompanying music video that confuses and arouses you, did you even experience it? This half-assed philosophical thought experiment welcomes us to Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach’s 11th album as a band, Dropout Boogie, as well as its lead single, “Wild Child,” which is pretty much the definition of rollicking ZZ Top–inspired fun.

Lumineers – Where We Are

The video and song were inspired by real life event involving singer-guitarist and co-founder Wesley Schultz and his future wife. It was directed by The Lumineers Creative Director and Schultz’s longtime friend Nicholas Sutton Bell and his brother Dylan Bell.

The Anxiety, Willow & Tyler Cole – Meet Me At Our Spot

Released by Willow Smith and Tyler Cole in 2020 under The Anxiety, the name of both their collaboration and album, “Meet Me at Our Spot” is a sludgy alternative track with emo undertones that hits at the zeitgeist and is pretty inescapable on TikTok.

Portugal, The Man – What, Me Worry?

“What, Me Worry?” is the first taste of the band’s forthcoming 9th studio album. Frontman John Gourley explained, “While recording this album and hanging in LA, we got into a conversation with Jeff Bhasker and Ryan Tedder about how much we missed laughter. The last few years it’s been so easy to forget the fun in what we do. We talked about childhood memories of laughing at the world and ourselves while flipping through Mad Magazine. We missed those days and remembered that we all make music. So we took that afternoon to make a song about it.”

The Head And The Heart – Virginia (Wind In The Night)

”Being from Virginia, for me this song represents a long and winding relationship to place – a place that is grounding. I’m often drawing on my life through symbolism as a way into someone else’s psyche,” Jonathan Russell said in a statement. “It’s part of my search for a deeper connection without having to compare our experiences directly. There is a reason this song has two titles. One is literal and one is symbolic. Not everyone is from Virginia, I know that. But I bet you have walked home and heard the wind in the night.”

Cannons – Bad Dream

“We’re excited to share our new single ‘Bad Dream’ and hope you find yourself connecting to it as much as we have been during this time of such uncertainty in the world,” the group said.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Black Summer

Red Hot Chili Peppers are back with their first new song since 2016. “Black Summer” also marks the band’s first song since guitarist John Frusciante rejoined the lineup in 2019. The track leads the band’s new album, Unlimited Love, which is produced by Rick Rubin.

Rex Orange County – Keep It Up

This first single off the new album is a beautifully crafted pop song that incorporates all of the incredible elements of Rex’s music but with an unexpected twist involving a whole string section laid on top of a groovy bass line and lush synths.

Bob Moses – Love Brand New

“‘Love Brand New’ is about being newly in love and trying not to lose yourself as you navigate the world feeling as though you’re seeing everything for the first time, as if it’s brand new,” Bob Moses shares in a statement.

The Weeknd – Gasoline

The Weeknd just released Dawn FM in early January, and “Gasoline” is already the second video from the new album. Matilda Finn directed the eccentric video, which features The Weeknd portraying his character from the cover of Dawn—a really old version of himself. Just like his other videos, things take a dark turn here.

Phantogram – Black Out Days

Sarah Barthal and Josh Carter are described to be an electronic rock duo from upstate New York. To some, they are the essence of cool. Sarah’s clear smooth vocals and their interesting experimentation with instruments and sounds makes a powerful combination.

Aurora – Giving In To The Love

The otherworldly video for “Giving In To The Love” was directed by Aurora and shot in Oslo, the clip features the singer dancing among scenes of nature before she seemingly brings a statue to life.

Beach House – Once Twice Melody

Produced entirely by Beach House, the 18-track album was recorded between Minnesota, California, and Maryland. The duo tapped David Campbell to arrange the live string ensemble featured on the project. Once Twice Melody, including the title track featured below, will be released in four-song chapters over the coming months.


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