There’s a Hot Fuss Over the Killers Hot Sauce

A writer has not only reviewed The Killers new line of hot sauces, but has accompanied his critique with  parodies of Brandon Flowers’ song lyrics to further amplify his assessments.

The piece, by Kelly Conaboy, was posted Thursday morning on under the title I’m Mr. Hot Sauce: Taste Testing The Killers’ Hot Sauce. Minus the song parodies, here’s a taste of how Conaboy rated the four hot sauces:

Sauce #1 – Hot Fuss: “…This one tasted, to me, like wing sauce. What’s interesting is that apparently this is incorrect; there is a hot sauce The Killers recommend for wings, and it is not this one. I’m not sure if the fault is with me or The Killers.”

Sauce #2 – Fire on Bone: “…clearly the sort of sauce that the description said it is. Good job to the Killers. My note was ‘green peppers, use on eggs.’ To be honest, all of these hot sauces are pretty good and I will continue to eat them; this one in particular I will use on top of eggs.”

Sauce #3 – Caution: “The Killers note that Caution is ‘Brandon’s favorite,’ and isn’t that nice for Caution? (Other Killers members do not get a favorite.) I would say that I either agree with Brandon or slightly disagree. I think maybe the next one is ‘Kelly’s favorite,’ but this one is pretty good.”

Sauce #4 – Blowback: “The Killers write that this is the spiciest of their hot sauces, and in my taste test I agreed, noting: ‘smoky, spicy.’ This is also the one they tell you to put on wings, writing: ‘Pro tip: this makes an amazing wing sauce. Add a 50/50 of Blowback and honey. It’s epic!'”