The Top Ways Things Will Change Around the Office in the Future

These past few months have broken the routines and patterns that offices have been in for decades now.  So when people DO get back into their office routines . . . are things going to be different?

According to a new survey, most people ARE expecting some permanent changes.  Here are 10 of the top ways we expect things to be different . . .(My thoughts in bold)

1.  Washing your hands more often. (I’m a major germophone so I’ve been doing this my whole life)

2.  Cleaning your desk and computer keyboard and mouse more often. (See above)

3.  No more handshakes. (When you think about it, this is a pretty gross tradition…so I can live with this)

4.  More flexible work hours. (Hooray!)

5.  Going outside more. (See above!)

6.  Bringing in your own mug, plates, and silverware instead of using shared ones.  (Again, I’ve done this forever)

7.  More video conferences instead of face-to-face meetings.  (Not a fan of video conferences, but I’ll get used to it)

8.  Not eating random food people bring in. (Never, ever.  Here’s my policy: if I haven’t seen your kitchen, I don’t eat your food!  Same goes for pot luck events)

9.  No more birthday parties.  (Nobody needs that horrible grocery store cake I suppose)

10.  No more signing birthday cards that get passed around.  (Wow…that one would not have immediately occurred to me but it definitely makes sense)


(SWNS Digital)