The green way to dispose of cat litter

Being a cat owner has many challenges. Firstly, nobody owns a cat, they own you. Another challenge with having a cat is what to do with their waste. First and foremost, never flush cat litter or cat waste. Even if it’s promoted as “flushable litter”, it likely isn’t safe for your pipe system. Cat waste can contain a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis in humans. Choose a cat litter made of natural materials like recycled paper, wood shavings, corn, grass see, pine, wheat and sawdust. Avoid litter with silica dust and fragrances, these are harmful to cats and the environment. Scoop the cat waste into a paper bag, it’ll break down faster than even a biodegradable bag. If you’re thinking about possible composting cat poop, contact a local composting expert. Composted pet waste should never be used in edible gardens. 

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