The freezer can be the simplest way to reduce food waste.

Food waste is one of those sustainability issues that’s always top of mind for me. It’s an issue that needs constant attention, so I’m always thankful for tips to help me be successful. If I can’t get to something before it’s about to spoil, I’ll put it in the freezer. Lots of foods can go in the freezer, some need a little prep first though. I find it easier to freeze bananas without their skins. Just makes it a little less messy when they defrost. Most of us know that things like butter, bread and cookie dough can go in the freezer, but did you know that avocados freeze well? Puree it first and add some lemon/lime juice so there’s no discoloration. Milk, buttermilk and heavy cream will freeze. Keep in mind that once it’s thawed, there’ll be some separation, so it’s best to use these items for things like baking. You can freeze eggs, just not in the shells. Whisk eggs and freeze that way and they’re ready to cook. I freeze fresh herbs in late summer to use in cooking. And while we’ve never had to worry about cake going bad in our house, you can freeze cake too. If you do it by individual slices, you can just take one out whenever you’re in the mood. 

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