Texas Mom’s Birthday Party Plan For Five-Year-Old Falls Apart as Friends’ Parents Bail, but Social Media Comes to the Rescue!

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1.  A hotel in Missouri is honoring a gift certificate from 40 years ago.  It’s called the Muehlebach Hotel in Kansas City.  (MULE-bahk)  Back in 1983, they had a deal for newlyweds.

If you stayed for your honeymoon, you could come back for your anniversary ANYTIME in the future, and pay the same rate for a room . . . $38 a night.  Now it’s owned by Marriott, and rooms go for closer to $200.

A guy named Tim O’Brien was flipping through his wedding album when he found the certificate.  He and his wife Melinda have their 40th anniversary coming up on June 25th.  So they’ll be staying there this Sunday for 38 bucks.


2.  A mom in Texas planned a birthday party at a burger joint for her five-year-old daughter, Willa . . . and no one showed up for it.  All her friends’ parents bailed at the last minute.  But social media saved the day.

Her mom posted a photo of Willa sitting alone at a big table.  And within MINUTES, people started showing up.  A bunch of them even brought gifts.  Willa said her favorite present was “all of them.”  (Here’s a photo.)


3.  A video of a 95-year-old flower boy is going viral.  A woman in England asked her grandfather to walk her down the aisle AND be the flower boy at her wedding last month.  She asked after a health scare just over a year ago, where doctors didn’t know if he’d ever walk again.  (Here’s the video.)


4.  A 12-year-old just graduated from college in Los Angeles this month with a 4.0 GPA.  And now she’s going to . . . high school?

Her parents enrolled her at L.A. City College when she was nine after she’d already skipped a few grades.  She got her associate degree in studio art, but also took college-level math and anthropology classes.

Should COULD go on to get her bachelor’s degree now.  But they want to slow things down and let her be a kid first.  Her mom says, quote, “Like any child, she wants to play games and have fun.  I want her to fully enjoy her childhood.”