Teen Triumphs Over Brain Tumor: Cleveland Clinic Throws Heartwarming Homecoming Dance for Her, Now Thriving After Surgery

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1.  Here’s a crazy coincidence:  A couple in Florida just had their third kid last month.  And all three of their daughters share the same birthday.

Their daughter Jasmine was born September 3rd, 2020 . . . their second daughter Jessica was born a year later on September 3rd, 2021 . . . and their new baby Juliet arrived on September 3rd last month.  None of them were planned C-sections.  They were all natural births.


2.  A 104-year-old woman in Chicago named Dorothy Hoffner just broke a world record.  She’s the oldest person to ever go skydiving.  The previous record was a 103-year-old Swedish woman who went skydiving last year.  (Here’s the video.)


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