Teen Hero Saves Toddler from Near-Drowning on Thanksgiving with Quick-Thinking CPR, Sparks Miraculous Recovery!

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1.  Someone gave a food bank near Seattle $800,000 to help them expand and move into a bigger facility.  The donor was described as a “generous businessman” who wants to remain anonymous.


2.  A 15-year-old girl in California named Madison Atkinson was a HERO on Thanksgiving, after she helped a three-year-old relative, who was found floating face down in a pool.  The little girl’s uncle pulled her out, but didn’t know CPR.

Madison stepped in and started performing CPR, which she’d learned in a sports medicine class.  After a couple minutes, the little girl opened her eyes and started breathing again.  She’s since made a full recovery.


3.  Japan just hosted the first World Cup for picking up garbage.  (???)  It’s a real sport someone came up with in 2008 called SpoGomi.  (spuh-GO-mee)  It’s a mash-up of the Japanese words for “sport” and “trash-picking.”

Each team of three people has 45 minutes to clean up as much litter as they can, but you’re not allowed to run.  You can only speed-walk.

21 countries, including the U.S., took part in the inaugural SpoGomi World Cup in Tokyo last Wednesday.  A team from the U.K. took home the title this time.  Across two 45-minute sessions, they collected more than 125 pounds of garbage.