Stay At Home Order – Where Can I Go?

*Oregon Gov. Kate Brown issued a stay-at-home order on Monday, after stalling for days on the move to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

These businesses may stay open:

Business offices and nonprofits, though employees “shall facilitate” telecommuting “to the maximum extent possible”

Coffee shops

Bars, brew pubs, cafes, restaurants and wine bars and other similar establishments – only for delivery or pick-up orders

Childcare facilities with a limit of 10 children who are the same each day. Priority must be given to children of medical or emergency frontline responders

Doctors offices, health care facilities and emergency services

Food courts

Grocery stores


Pet store services

The order also calls on retail stores that remain open — other than grocery, pharmacy and health and medical care services — to designate an employee to enforce social distancing policies.

*Reported from Oregonlive