Something Fun to Do at The Oregon Coast!

First of all, Happy New Year!  I know that 2020 had its share of ups and downs (certainly more downs for just about all of us).  The thing is, there were also some great times… like the couple of days that my family and I made it out to Seaside for a few days just before Christmas.  The amazing thing is that the weather was perfect… no wind, clear skies and sun made it just around 50 degrees which was significantly warmer than it had been when we left Portland for the drive out!


One fun thing we did on the beach was to build this fort out of nothing but sticks.  It won’t cost you anything, and it’s a fun way to get restless teenagers off of their phones and exploring the sand for the best fort-making tools for a few hours.  And done just right, it can fit me, my wife and our dog, Charlie!