So many uses for vinegar

baking soda vinegar and lemon on the white background

Vinegar is one of my favorite tools in the house because it’s used all over. I use basic white vinegar a lot in the kitchen. Equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and an essential oil if you’d like, can clean and disinfect almost any surface. However, don’t use it on natural stone surfaces. I use that same mixture to spray on weeds in the summer, the sunshine helps the vinegar work its magic. Speaking of the summer, that’s when I hang my clothes outside on a line. In the winter, not so much, so my towels often have a funky mildew smell. Vinegar added to the rinse cycle helps get rid of that smell. And believe it or not, adding a few tablespoons of white vinegar to the water, plus a dash of sugar, extends the life of cut flowers. 

So many uses for vinegar

Do not use vinegar everywhere





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