Shopping for gifts for the holidays doesn’t have to include a lot of waste

The holidays can create so much joy, but they also create a lot of garbage. Shopping at local small businesses helps reduce waste since you’ll have less packaging and plastic waste when items aren’t being shipped from all over the world to your home. Gift certificates for spa services, restaurants, concerts, theaters and zoo/museum memberships are entirely waste free and help support the local economy. And craft fairs are back in abundance this year with a few weeks still to go, you can find great items from local makers. Of course, you can create an array of gifts yourself and you don’t have to necessarily be crafty. The gift of time for a new parent, tech help for a non-tech savvy person or the offer of manual labor for someone who doesn’t get around as easy as they used to.

Ideas for a less wasteful holiday season can be found here and here

Easy DIY gift ideas

These DIY ideas might take a little longer