Sent with Love: Stuffed Green Dino’s Journey to Iraq and Back Melts Hearts as Army Vet Reunites with Son

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1.  Hawaii eats more SPAM than any other state.  So their parent company, Hormel Foods, is doing their part to help wildfire victims in Maui.  They work with a charity called Convoy of Hope.  Volunteers are there handing out supplies now.


2.  A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter saved someone in Upstate New York after they fell off a boat in Lake Erie.  The helicopter is normally stationed in Detroit.  It just happened to be in the area while heading back from an air show.


3.  An Army sergeant named David Holmes has been stationed in Iraq, and was surprised when he recently got a box in the mail with his son’s favorite stuffed animal in it . . . a green dinosaur he calls “Dino.”  (Here’s a photo.)

It turns out his five-year-old son Waylon wanted to send it to him to “keep his dad safe.”  Now a one-minute video Waylon’s mom posted is melting people’s hearts.  It includes shots of David posing with it, and even sleeping with it.

The best news is Waylon has his stuffed animal AND his dad back now.  David got to come home earlier this month.  (Here’s the video.)