Seattle to ban single-use plastic utensils/straws in 2018

Seattle is taking a huge step to reduce single-use plastic waste. Starting July 1, 2018, plastic straws and utensils will be banned from eateries. Instead, these businesses will be providing compostable straws or utensils, or better yet, reusable items. It might even encourage people to bring their own utensils. You might think that this is a drastic overreach by the city, but when you consider that Americans use about 500 million straws every day and many of these end up in the ocean, it starts to make sense. The cost of non-plastic straws is expensive, so maybe some businesses will eliminate straws altogether. I recently sent an email to a local business asking them to eliminate straws from their margaritas. They’re unnecessary and just get in the way of the salt anyway.



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