Salmonella outbreak spreading among birds on the West Coast

If you’ve got a bird feeder hanging outside your house, now’s a good time to take it down, at least for a few weeks. Birds in Oregon and along the west coast are getting sick and dying from a salmonella outbreak. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is urging Oregonians who find sick or dead birds to take down their feeders for a month or two to slow the spread of the disease. Birds hang out more often at feeders in the winter because it can be a main source of food, but these large gatherings can be salmonella superspreader events. Wildlife experts recommend regularly cleaning and moving bird feeders to prevent outbreaks. If you do come across a dead bird, pick it up with a shovel or gloved hands, and put it in the garbage. Then wash your hands thoroughly. 

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If you encounter a sick bird, you can report it to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife by calling 866-968-2600 or emailing [email protected].