Salem City Council bans plastic shopping bags

A plastic shopping bag floating in mid-air reads "thank you for shopping with us" to symbolize customer service, hospitality, and gratitude.

Salem becomes the latest city in Oregon to ban plastic bags. They join Corvallis, McMinnville and Portland in banning plastic bags. The ban doesn’t include all plastic bags, customers will have plastic bags available for meats and vegetables. Salem retailers will have a number of months to get rid of their plastic carryout bags and put in place a fee for paper. Large businesses like Costco and Fred Meyer will have until April 1st and smaller retail businesses have until September 1st to switch over. Stores will offer paper bags, but charge at least 5 cents for each one, though there are exceptions there. Salem is the 3rd largest city in Oregon, so it’s a big move and will help decrease the number of plastic bags that litter the environment. 

Salem City Council bans plastic shopping bags



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