Retirement Jackpot: Massachusetts Man Wins Million-Dollar Scratcher After Giving Two Weeks’ Notice, Keeps Mum at Work

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1.  A 70-year-old woman from North Carolina just got married after beating cancer two years ago, and had her doctors walk her down the aisle.  She said she just “couldn’t celebrate life without the people that worked so hard to give it to [her].”  (Here’s a photo.)

2.  A 65-year-old man in Massachusetts told his boss he was retiring last month, and gave his two weeks’ notice.  Then he bought a scratcher three days later . . . won a million bucks . . . and still finished out his two weeks.  He says he kept it a secret, and didn’t tell anyone at work.

3.  CNN did a story on a former fashion designer in New York named Barbara Lakin, who restores old Barbie dolls and makes clothes for them.  She donates them to a place called Little Shop of Kindness, where asylum-seekers and migrant families can shop for free.

4.  A group of people on a small boat in Massachusetts had a very close encounter with some humpback whales the other day.  They shared the footage on Instagram.





5.  The owner of a diner in Ocean City, Maryland is using something his great-grandmother did during the Great Depression to offset the rising costs he’s seen from inflation.

She used to make soap using bacon grease.  So he’s been saving all the grease from his diner, and started a soap company on the side.  You can check it out at  No . . . he says it doesn’t smell like bacon.