Random Guy Helps Dozens of Stuck Motorists Here In Portland (And More Good News)

1.  A one-year-old girl was trapped in a burning house in Detroit last week, and the family dog refused to leave without her.  The dog’s name is Blue.  She’s a pit bull-lab mix they rescued from a shelter two years ago.  Firefighters said she helped them find the baby, and everyone made it out okay.

2.  A bunch of cars got stuck on an off-ramp after that snow and ice storm here in Portland last week.  And a random guy named Jon Gilbert helped them out.  He showed up in his SUV with tow straps after a friend called him . . . then ended up helping more than 20 other drivers too.  Some had been stuck there for hours.

3.  A cop in Atlanta was driving the other day, and happened to see a guy on a bike collapse.  So he got to him within seconds . . . did CPR . . . and the guy pulled through.  The cop’s chest cam got the whole thing on video.

4.  Wouldn’t you want your pilot to do this?  An EasyJet flight from Iceland to the U.K. took a short detour on Monday, and did a full 360-degree turn . . . just so everyone on board got a chance to see the Northern Lights.