Quick-Thinking Wendy’s Worker Turns Lifesaver: 22-Year-Old Employee Revives Man in Parking Lot Medical Emergency

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1.  A 22-year-old Wendy’s worker saved a guy’s life in Kentucky last Thursday.  He had some sort of medical emergency in the parking lot, passed out, and turned blue.

Luckily, an employee named Alexandria Cowheard was there and knew CPR.  She got certified in high school, and she’s training become a nursing assistant.  By the time paramedics showed up, she had him breathing again.


2.  A foster kid in Florida named Roman Balassaitis finally got adopted this month, just hours before he turned 18.  He said, quote, “It means I have someone to go to.  It means if I need someone to talk to, I have people to talk to now.”

His foster parents wanted to make it official before he aged out of the system.  They’ve now adopted seven kids, and have two more biological children.


3.  This person better be getting a very nice tip for the holidays:  A man in Massachusetts forgot about an old lottery ticket until his house cleaner found it in a vase . . . and it ended up hitting for $1 MILLION.  He says he’s planning to use a chunk of the money to “help a friend.”  He’s also donating some of it to charity.