Quick-Thinking Dog Rescues Her Human After He Falls Through Icy Lake in Northern Michigan

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1.  A couple from Toronto named Josh and Haley Louvelle flew to Jamaica this month.  And Haley got the flight crew to make an announcement over the speaker system.  They announced Josh was diagnosed with stage-four cancer in 2020, but is now CANCER-FREE.  They added that he and Haley were heading to Jamaica on their honeymoon.  (Here’s the video.)



2.  A guy in Rhode Island was having lunch at Raising Cane’s when he started choking on his food, and no one reacted at first.  But luckily, a high-schooler named Chaia Elwell knew the Heimlich and saved his life.  She learned it in school and plans to be a paramedic someday.



3.  I hope this dog got lots of treats:  A 65-year-old in northern Michigan fell through an icy lake, and his dog was there.  So a cop called the dog over, tied a rope to her collar, and she brought the rope to her owner and saved his life.  The cop’s chest-cam got it all on video.  (Here’s the footage.)