Lincoln Boehm


A New York man found an In-N-Out double double sitting on a street in Queens, NY. He stated he was in “shock.” 31-yr old Lincoln Boehm discovered the burger from the West Coast chain Saturday at around 6:30 a.m.

Boehm wondered how the burger had gotten there and how it looked “as if it had come off the grill five minutes ago.” Om-N-Out is in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and its home state of California.

Boehm also pointed out it had the trademark placement of the onion between the two patties, the lettuce at the bottom and the way the buns were toasted.

Since moving to New York, he’s tried to by In-N-Out burgers back with him after visiting Los Angeles — only it never worked.

“Every time I’ve done it it becomes inedible,” he said. “The bun gets soggy and it becomes a mess. This one was just in such perfect condition… It just felt strange… at first I thought it was some sort of viral marketing thing.”

Yesterday, after posting about a picture on Instagram, he received a message from Helen Vivas. The 16-year-old said she had dropped it catching a bus.

She picked up four burgers in Encinitas Calif., July 19, before getting on a flight back to New York.

“At the counter, she made it clear to the In-N-Out employee taking her order that she was about to board a flight, and asked for suggestions to preserve the burgers as much as possible,” Boehm wrote.

She ordered two double-doubles without sauce and two single cheeseburgers, with the vegetables in separate containers.

She ate one of the double-doubles. She had to catch a bus home and it was about to leave. While she was running to catch it, the bag opened and she lost that double double. Mystery solved.


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