Postal Worker’s Heroic Act: Viral Video Captures Her Quick Thinking and Compassion as She Saves Beagle Bitten by Copperhead


1.  There was a story this week about an IHOP waiter who got a $1,300 tip.  Here’s another one:  A group of friends had dinner at a Mexican place in Salt Lake City this month, and left a $10,000 tip.  Their waiter got $2,000.  Everyone else working that night split the rest.


2.  A guy in Florida rescued a bunch of ducklings from a storm drain.  His wife recorded it, and wouldn’t let him stop until he was sure he got every single one.




3.  A video of a postal worker in Georgia went viral this week after she went above and beyond to save someone’s dog.  She rang their doorbell to tell them their beagle got bit by a copperhead.  But they didn’t answer, so she rushed the dog to the vet and saved its life.  (Here’s the doorbell cam video.)


4.  The Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam added a bunch of Pokémon-themed exhibits to get kids excited about art.  They say Van Gogh was very into Japanese art in general.