Portugal. The Man; Matt Maeson Contribute to At Home with the Kids

Portugal. The Man, Matt Maeson and A.J. Jackson of Saint Motel head up the cast of At Home with the Kids, an album of child-friendly tunes that will raise cash for Save the Children.

The 23-track set, which drops on August 28th, mixes traditional kids’ tunes and originals. Portugal the Man does “Tomorrow,” Matt Maeson does a track called “Giants,” Jackson tackles “Big Ol’ World” and Anderson East does “I Ain’t No Zebra I’m a Bumblebee.”

Here is the complete track listing for At Home With The Kids:

1.  Portugal. The Man, “Tomorrow”
2. Sia, “Riding On My Bike”
3. Royal & the Serpent, “The ABC Song”
4. Shelley FKA DRAM, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”
5. Chromeo, “Georgy Porgy”
6. Kyle, “Pickle”
7. Anderson East, “I Ain’t No Zebra I’m a Bumblebee”
8. Gnash, “Night Night”
9. Christina Perri, “It’s a Small World”
10. Ema Jo Cobb, “Hawaii”
11. Midland, “Farmer John”
12. Ben Abraham, “Eat Your Food”
13. Charlotte Cardin, “Hush Little Baby”
14. Charlotte Lawrence, “Lavender’s Blue”
15. IV Jay, “Rock A Bye Baby”
16. Matt Maeson, “Giants”
17. Chloe Moriondo, “Oh My Darling Clementine”
18. A/J from Saint Motel, “Big Ol World”
19. A Thousand Horses, “The Golden Rule”
20. Aaron Raitiere, “If You Love Yo Mama”
21. The Knocks, “Star Design”
22. Tove Lo, “Buzz Buzz Hop Hop”
23. Winona Oak, “Who Can Sail”