Portland Firefighters Save Dog That Fell Through Open Manhole!  (And More Good News)
  1. A woman in Oklahoma named Mitzi Brogdon was driving when she saw a sad dog standing alone in a parking lot.  So she pulled over . . . started following it . . . and it led her to SIXTEEN PUPPIES that were hiding under a tree.

The dog is now named Dolly.  It turned out the puppies were from three different litters.  So she’d been taking care of about a dozen that weren’t even her own.

Mitzi happens to be the director of a group called Street Dog Rescue & Recovery.  So Dolly and all 16 puppies are being put up for adoption.  Thank goodness!  (Here’s a photo.)


2.  A 14-year-old black lab fell through an open manhole in Portland, Oregon on Friday, and dropped more than 20 feet.  But firefighters pulled her back up, and she wasn’t hurt.  A layer of leaves at the bottom cushioned her fall.


3.  Have you seen the video of the bystander who took down a criminal in New York last Thursday?  Some maniac with two guns was running from the cops.  So a random guy on the sidewalk got in his way . . . BODY-CHECKED him into a fence . . . and held him until police caught up.  (Here’s the footage.)


4.  An older guy in Ohio had his knee replaced last month, and he’ll be in a wheelchair for a while.  So his daughter wanted to hire someone to build a small ramp to his door.  But everyone was either all booked up, or too expensive.

One contractor stepped up though.  He took the job and did it in a weekend for FREE.  His fiancée has been battling cancer, but she’s doing well.  So he says they’ve been looking for ways to give back to the community.