Pack a sustainable lunch for you or your kid

Now that the kids are back at school and many of us are going back to the office, it’s time to get back in the groove of packing a sustainable lunch. Working from home for so many months, we’ve gotten in the (good) habit of just making something in our kitchen or heating up leftovers. That doesn’t have to change now that you’re in the office. It doesn’t matter who you’re packing lunch for, there are key ways to make it more sustainable. Starting with the food itself, here are some ideas:

  • Buy fruits and veggies in season. If you’re buying local produce, it’s automatic
  • Skip the processed and pre-packaged food
  • Try meatless one day and then organic lunch meat for the rest of the week

Here are some ideas to reduce your waste:

  • Use your own containers. You don’t have to buy anything fancy…if you already have containers, use those!
  • Pack along your own straw and utensils. Again, use what you already have or buy secondhand
  • Skip pre-packaged food. Yep, I already said this, but it’s worth repeating. Less waste plus it’ll cost less
  • Bring home your food scraps to compost at home (if you don’t have compost at work)
  • Keep a refillable water bottle and coffee cup at work

Ten ways to pack a more sustainable lunch for your kid

And more specific tips on packaging