Oh My Goodness, Can You Imagine Holding This Piece Of Music History?

From ABC Air Power:

Founding Band guitarist Robbie Robertson says the 1965 Fender Telecaster he’s putting up for bid at a May 19 auction in New York City “is absolutely one of the most historic instruments that I’ve ever heard of in the whole story of rock ‘n’ roll.”

In a YouTube video promoting the auction getting its exclusive premiere here, Robertson shares stories about the various famous recording sessions and concerts at which he, Bob Dylan and other rock legends played the guitar.

“[On Dylan’s] ‘Going Electric’ tour in ’66…this was the guitar that Bob used,” Robbie recalls. “And this instrument remembers that everywhere we played around the world back then, when we came out to play, people booed.”

Robertson also points out that Dylan used the guitar on some songs on his classic 1966 album Blonde on Blonde, while Robbie played it on Bob’s Basement Tapes recordings, on many of The Band’s album, and at the Woodstock, Isle of Wight and Watkins Glen festivals.

“I used it for years and years and years, and took it everywhere,” says Robertson. “It was my go-to instrument.”

He also discusses the way he modified the guitar over the years, such as stripping off its original black paint and adding various pickups.

Robertson also notes that Eric Clapton and George Harrison also played his Telecaster over the years.

“Whoever ends up with this guitar, I just got to say, you got to treat her with love, because she has been an incredible workhorse,” adds Robbie.

The guitar is estimated to fetch between $400,000 and $600,000 at Julien’s Auctions’ “Music Icons” sale, which will be held at the Hard Rock Café and online.

The instrument also will be on display at the Hard Rock Café daily from May 14 to May 19.



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