Non-Verbal Kid Speaks To Mom For The Very First Time!

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1.  You’ve really gotta see this to appreciate it.  The look on the mom’s face is everything:  There’s a 14-second video making the rounds of a non-verbal kid with autism speaking to his mom for the first time.  She said “good morning” to him, and he said it back twice.  (Here’s the video.)



2.  A guy in Boston smashed a world record Saturday by bouncing over 115,000 times on a pogo stick without stopping.  The previous record was just over 88,000.  It was part of a charity event that raised more than $10,000 for veterans.



3.  This is something you see in movies, but real life?  A cop in England helped catch a burglar on Friday after a little kid let the cop commandeer his bike.  They promised to return it, and did.  (Here’s a photo.)