Nine-Year-Old Colorado Girl Honors Late Dog Bella with Heartwarming Christmas Pet Drive for Shelter Animals

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1.  A woman in Wyoming filled her entire town with snowmen for the holidays this year.  But they’re made of wood, not snow.

Her name is Pauline Parker.  She enjoys making snowman decorations you put out on your lawn.  So she decided to make one for every person in her small town of Burlington, Wyoming.

The official population is just over 300 people, and her last official count was 316 snowmen.  It sounds like it’s getting closer to 400 at this point.  But either way, her town has more snowmen than people now.

She’s been making them since July, and neighboring towns have started asking for them too.  She says it really seems to be bringing people together.  (Here’s an example of her work.)


2.  A nine-year-old in Colorado named Milly was heartbroken when her dog Bella died a year ago, and she still hasn’t forgotten about her.

When her parents recently asked what she wanted for Christmas, Milly handed them a flyer she made for a pet drive in Bella’s honor.

She’s collecting dog toys and other items for shelter animals.  Her goal is to make sure every shelter dog has a toy to open on Christmas.  (Here’s a photo.)


3.  A TikToker who calls himself the “Therapy Gecko” is in the news.  He takes calls while dressed as a lizard and helps people with their problems.  (???)  He says they range from serious relationship issues to questions about diarrhea.

If you’ve heard of him before, you’re not alone.  He’s managed to rack up over 2.5 million followers on TikTok.  He’s even interviewed celebrities like Eric André and Lil Yachty while they were ALSO dressed as geckos.

He’s in the news after a station in his hometown of Owings Mills, Maryland did a big story on him.  They’re obviously very proud.