New Music From Sting Coming

Sting is doing his best not to stand so close to anyone by riding out the pandemic in his 16th century villa, Il Palagio, in Italy’s Tuscany region.

But he’s not just kicking back with a glass of vino from his vineyard and watching the sunset. He’s working on new music and a new vintage of wine.

He tells Haute Living magazine, “It will hopefully be a new album. At the moment, I call it ‘preparing canvases.’ In other words, I’m getting music into the form of songs and at a later stage, it will present itself as a record or a theme. It’s in very early stages at the moment.”

He says the new songs are topical. “I’m concerned with what’s happening in the world, even though we are living in this idyllic situation [here in Italy]. We are not separate from what’s going on on the planet at the moment in terms of the coronavirus and in terms of the political situation. We are very connected to that and so this allows us to objectivity, if you like, to think about those issues… It’s a very worrying time in the world and it’s hard to know what to say that will be useful. You have to be very considerate about what you do say, so it’s not easy. But that’s my job… [I] have to reflect on the world and try to influence it for the better.”

Sting and his wife, filmmaker and actress Trude Styler, have partnered with one of Italy’s finest winemakers, Riccardo Cotarella, on the wine. Cotarella says, “Trudie and Sting are committed to making great wines at Il Palagio, and I am looking forward to helping them achieve this goal. We will make great wines together.”

The fruits of their collaboration are expected next year.