Nevada bans non-functional grass within Las Vegas city limits

The state of Nevada just took a big step to help conserve water: they banned non-functional grass within the city of Las Vegas. It applies to turf that’s never used or stepped on like office parks, street medians and entrances to housing developments. Grass in those spaces will need to be replaced with desert landscaping. The law is a permanent ban on decorative grass in those areas but doesn’t apply to single-family homes, parks and golf courses. But homeowners are encouraged to replace their grass and are given up to $3 per square foot to rip up the turf in their front yards. The water district estimates that the law will save more than 10% of the state’s Colorado River water allocation. Definitely not a drop in the bucket. It’s certainly worth looking at a similar law in Oregon with areas of the state facing anywhere from a moderate to exceptional drought this year. 

Las Vegas bans decorative grass

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