Monday’s Good News!

1.  A dog in Texas finally has a forever home after waiting 10 years to be adopted.  She’s a pit bull mix, so people didn’t want her.


2.  Never propose at someone else’s wedding . . . unless they’re in on it.  A bride is going viral after she stopped the bouquet toss, handed the flowers to her MOM, and her mom’s boyfriend proposed.  (Here’s the video.)


3.  A house in Lafayette, Indiana caught fire in the middle of the night last week.  And a 25-year-old guy named Nicholas Bostic saved 4 kids and an 18-year-old.

He was driving home from work when he saw the flames.  So he pulled over . . . called 911 . . . ran inside to wake everyone up . . . and got four of them out.  Then they said a six-year-old girl was still inside.  So he ran back in . . . found her upstairs . . . and held onto her while he jumped out a second-story window.

Everyone who was inside is okay.  Nick ended up with some burns and a deep cut on his forearm, but he says he’ll be fine.  People have already donated over $50,000 on GoFundMe to cover his medical bills.