Monday’s Good News!

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1.  A mother in Texas is thanking the employees at a local Starbucks for looking out for her 18-year-old daughter when she was there alone last week, studying.

A man had come up to her, and was kind of talking her ear off.  So the employees brought her a drink, and on the front side of the cup they wrote:  “Are you okay?  Do you want us to intervene?  If you do, take the lid off the cup.”

The girl DID feel safe . . . and signaled to the crew that she was okay.  Still, the mother appreciated the gesture.  (Here’s a local news story on it.)


2.  A nursing home administrator recently made a 94-year-old resident’s day . . . when he took her SNOW TUBING in the parking lot.  She had never been tubing before, and afterward she said it was very fun.  (Here’s video.)


3.  A 100-year-old woman in Michigan celebrated her birthday with a new tattoo, which says “NY NY 1922” . . . the year and place of her birth.  She got her first tattoo at age 80 . . . her second at 90 . . . and if she lives to be 110, she says she’ll get one that says something like “Are you still here?” or “I’m still here.”


4.  A woman recently surprised her husband by creating an image of his deceased father holding their newborn.  And the TikTok of him opening the gift is going viral.



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