Monday’s Good News!


1.  Vuity eye drops have officially hit the market.  The drops claim they can replace eyeglasses for some of the 128 million Americans who have trouble seeing close-up.  The medicine takes about 15 minutes to work, but the effect of sharper vision can supposedly last up to 10 hours.  The FDA approved the drops back in October.


2.  An Australian scientist has created “habitat pods” for animals displaced by wildfires.  They’re made from biodegradable cardboard . . . and they can house small animals like bandicoots, possums, bush rats, and reptiles.


3.  You might have grown a moustache for Movember, but Tennessee had a different campaign.  More than 1,000 volunteers across the state joined forces last month to remove more than 46,000 pounds of litter in their communities as part of the first-ever “No Trash November.”


4.  Charlottesville’s old Robert E. Lee statue won’t be banished to a storage facility or tucked into a museum.  Instead, the 1,100-pound bronze monument will be melted down, and transformed into new art.

It’ll be a while before we know what it’ll become.  The city plans to select an artist to design a new public artwork by 2024.  (Here’s a video about the situation.)