Monday’s Good News!

1.  An 11-year-old in Arkansas named Allan Baltz just won best mullet in an annual contest through  And he donated all of his prize money to charity.

He and his sister were both foster kids before they got adopted six years ago.  So he donated the entire $2,500 grand prize to two foster care organizations in Arkansas.  Now other people have donated thousands more in Allan’s name.  (Here’s a photo.)


2.  A 32-year-old guy in Michigan says he had a dream that he was going to win a big lottery jackpot.  So he went out and bought a scratcher ticket the next day . . . and it hit for $1 MILLION.


3.  A firefighter in Iowa recently saved a dog from an apartment fire.  But it needed medical treatment, which was going to be expensive.  So the owner was going to have it put down instead . . . until the firefighter asked if HE could have the dog.  He ended up adopting it and paid for all the treatments.  So he basically saved its life twice.


4.  And in other animal news:  A shelter in North Carolina posted photos of a cat and guinea pig, looking for someone to adopt them both.  Their previous owner had to give them up, and they’re bonded.  They sleep in the same cage and snuggle up at night.

The shelter posted a video of them earlier this month.  Then “People” magazine did a story.  And one day later, a woman and her son adopted them both.  (Here’s a photo.)