Monday’s Feel Good Stories

Here are some of the positive headlines making the rounds this morning.  Be sure to click on the highlighted words to see pictures and videos from each story.

1.  A 23-year-old cop in Arkansas named Cody Hubbard saved a newborn baby that was choking on medication, and his chest-cam got it on video.  Cody says he sat in his car and cried when it was over, because he was so thankful the baby was okay.

2.  Here’s one good thing that’s come out of the pandemic.  Very few people got the flu, and all of the social distancing may have killed off several mutant strains of it.  So making effective flu shots should be easier, and they might work better than they did before.

3.  Two newlyweds in Kentucky who own a landscaping company spent their first vacation as a couple fixing up an old abandoned cemetery that was overgrown.  Now they’re planning to go back every two weeks to keep it up.

4.  A 48-year-old guy in North Carolina named Jeff Moore used to be a personal trainer, but ballooned up to 443 pounds.  And his 19-year-old son was 420 pounds.  So they started working out together.  And in the past year, they’ve lost 150 pounds each.