Jared’s picks for March Music Month

Jared often says, “Trust Me, I’m a professional.” But when it’s art, everyone has a differing opinion.  Presented in NO PARTICULAR ODER – Here are Jared’s top 5 picks going into March Music Month.

Coldplay – a band that hasn’t fallen off the music top echelon since they debuted in 2000 with Parachutes.

The Beatles – It is hard to believe the band only existed for 10 years… TEN YEARS. The bands’ impact stands alone. In this day and age with the relevance of new and younger emerging artists, you hear less of The Beatles on KINK. But that does not mean the influence is lost on me.

Adele – When Adele first came on the scene – she wasn’t an immediate global scale superstar right away. But once listeners caught on, she blew up. Her songs and style have impacted both”pop” and “rock” formats on a scale rarely seen. It is even more crazy to think she is only 3 albums deep in her catalog of LPs.

R.E.M. – One of the strongest catalogs of all KINK artists. Album after album you will hear songs from nearly every LP that R.E.M. gave us from the early 80s to the later part of the 2000s.

U2 – The music of our years… literally. I have grown from a middle school kid to an adult with kids in college listening to this band.  From 1980 until today, U2 is one of the most relevant bands of all time. I would put The Joshua Tree at #1 on my top albums of all time.


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