Miraculous Reunion: Teen Girl Reclaims Precious Ring with Father’s Ashes After Workers Dig Through Tons of Trash

1.  A farmer in Kansas named Lee Wilson has his 50th anniversary coming up next Thursday.  And sunflowers are his wife’s favorite.  So he surprised her by planting 1.2 MILLION of them.  They’ve been together since high school.


2.  A woman in Houston named Callie Clemens has been climbing through sewers for the past week, trying to rescue a litter of puppies that fell in.  She’s rescued at least two of them, but a third might still be down there.


3.  A 17-year-old girl from Iowa was on a trip to Texas with her school choir this month when she lost her most prized possession . . . a ring her grandma gave her with some of her dad’s ashes in it.  He passed away when she was seven.

She took it off at the beach because she was worried it would fall off in the water.  Then it got thrown out with some trash.  But she got it back after three city workers spent hours sifting through four tons of garbage to find it.