Miraculous Rescue: Missing Two-Year-Old Found Safe in Michigan Woods, Protected by Loyal Dog for Five Hours

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1.  A two-year-old girl in northern Michigan went missing Wednesday night after she wandered off into the woods with her family’s dog.  But she’s okay after someone found her five hours later near a trail three miles away.


The dog stayed with her the whole time.  The girl was sleeping and using it as a pillow when they got there.  It even growled at them when they tried to touch her to wake her up.  (Here’s a photo of them back home.)


2.  Speaking of Michigan:  Some guy was on vacation, stopped to buy a lottery ticket on his drive, and won $300,000.


3.  Workers at a car wash in Indiana were cleaning the grill of a woman’s car after she hit a bird.  And they found a groundhog stuck inside her front bumper.

Workers at a Jiffy Lube next door managed to get him out, and he’s okay.  They did it for free.  But the woman says the groundhog chewed through some wires while it was in there and caused about $500 in damage.  (Here’s a photo.)