Man Rescues Beloved Chihuahua from Coyote Attack With His Bare Hands

Today’s Good News is brought to you by The Shane Company   “Fine Jewelry Since 1929”


1.  Snowmen are so 2023:  A dad in Iowa used all the cold weather we’ve had to make a SNOWSHARK with his two sons.

It’s pretty impressive and about the same size as a real great white shark.  They spray-painted it, so it looks legit.  People have been driving from all over to see it and take pictures.


2.  A guy in Michigan is glad he had to hit the grocery store twice in one day.  He went back to return something . . . bought a lottery ticket while he was there . . . and it hit for $1 million.


3.  A guy in South Carolina named Timothy Snipe saved his tiny chihuahua from a coyote the other day.  He grabbed the thing with his bare hands . . . picked it up by the TAIL . . . and trapped it in a dumpster.

He got bit on the leg and needed NINE rabies shots, but he’ll be okay and his chihuahua Roxie is fine.  He said, quote, “Once you get a pet, they’re automatically a part of the family.  And this is my girl.”  (Here’s the footage.)