Man and Dog Rescued from Raging L.A. River Amid Torrential Rains by Firefighters Using Helicopter

1. Taylor Swift has gotten a lot of hate from football fans, but some DADS are loving it. “The New York Post” just did a big story on how a lot of dads are connecting with their young daughters more, because the girls actually want to watch games with them now.


2. A woman in Canada just got her mom’s wallet back 40 years after it was lost. Some guy was doing work at a storage unit and found it in the air ducts. It still had everything in it, including the daughter’s birth certificate.


3. I know the future seems bleak sometimes. But a new poll found 82% of Americans are hopeful about their future . . . 85% are hopeful about the future of their family . . . and 74% are hopeful about their community.


4.  Torrential rains in L.A. this week led to first responders using a helicopter to save a man and his dog from a raging L.A. River.  The dog apparently fell in, and the owner jumped in to save him.  Both human and canine are doing fine now thanks to these heroes!  (Here’s the rescue.)


5.  Meant to be?  A woman in Malaysia was shocked when she spotted her husband in the background of a selfie she took two years before they met.  The photo is from 2012.  They met two years later and got married last August.  (Here’s the photo.)


6.  A dad in Las Vegas noticed his daughter falling behind in reading after schools closed down during the pandemic.  So even though he had no coding experience, he started working on an A.I. reading app to help her catch up.

Using ChatGPT, it tracks the words your kid knows . . . pairs them with words they’re struggling with . . . and creates a custom children’s story using just those specific words.  It’s called WordStumble, and it’s now free for anyone to use.