Make the most of leftovers

It’s Food Waste Prevention Week and here at the headquarters for “30 Days of Earth Month” we know that preventing food waste is challenging and requires constant attention. Leftovers and prepared foods can be particularly vexing. I’m a big fan of glass jars and containers for this job. It makes it easy for me to see what’s in my fridge and group meals together. For instance, in this photo you can see a jar of oatmeal next to apple cores. I make a big pot of oats that last a few days and then use up the bits of apple on the core to add to my breakfast. Keeping them together means I don’t need to hunt for it in the morning. Here are other ideas:

  • Save leftovers and store/freeze food in portion ready containers
  • Have a weekly leftover night
  • Keep kitchen essentials (spices, grains, etc) on hand to liven up leftovers
  • If you know you don’t like leftovers, buy/make smaller quantities
  • Share with others

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