Looking to reduce your waste? There are a number of options in the Portland area

Plastic is everywhere and as if to prove that, researchers have found microplastics in the lungs of humans for the first time. They identified 12 types of microplastics commonly found in bottles, packaging, clothing and twine. Sort of shocking, but then, not really if you really consider how many times each day you touch plastic. I’ve tried through small changes to try to eliminate as much plastic as possible, but it’s hard. Plastic-free shopping is so difficult because most stores aren’t set up for alternatives to plastics. But that’s slowly changing in the Portland area. There are more low-waste alternatives popping up including The Realm Refillery is a specialty organic grocery store set to open mid-May on NE Broadway. Their bulk section will feature over 500 items … from spices, grains & legumes to oils & vinegars, nut butters and cleaning supplies. They’ll have a deposit system for containers and also feature local produce and a bulk cold section.

Microplastics found in human lungs for the first time

Low-waste stores found in Portland area