Looking at Bornes on a Monitor.

As you know, the KINK Live Lounge is usually pretty busy just about all the time.  The list of musical luminaries is long and fairly impressive.  It’s a good feeling on this end to have a place where a small intimate group of KINK listeners can get together for an informal performance and then get a handshake, short conversation, and a picture.

Today Bornes was stellar and impressive much like he was at his last performance in the lounge.

The man stands out among his peers.  If you were there or experiences the live performance on-line you can say that you saw something worth remembering.  OK, and posting about as well.  LOL

So I was there but couldn’t get a clear view of the stage.  So I’m watching a monitor in the room where the performer is only 40 feet away.  LOL  Got a minute or two with the performer.  What a nice guy.  Stellar, period.

Yay, photo op!




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