KINK & Land Rover Go Carbon Neutral

KINK has used Land Rover of Portland as a model on our road to Carbon Neutrality, in part because of their leadership in business sustainability. In 2007 Land Rover Portland launched an unprecedented carbon-neutral partnership with The Conservation Fund, the nation’s top-rated environmental non-profit organization. On behalf of its thousands of local customers, Land Rover Portland’s contributions have enabled the Fund to restore native North American forests in parts of five protected national wildlife refuges.
Land Rover Portland’s unique program has resulted in the real, verifiable, additional and permanent offset of more than 100,000 tons of carbon – including all CO2 produced by the KINK FM Land Rover Discovery Sport.
About The Conservation Fund:
By creating environmental solutions that make environmental and economic sense, The Conservation Fund is redefining conservation to demonstrate its essential role in our future prosperity. Top-ranked for efficiency and effectiveness, The Conservation Fund has worked in all 50 states to protect more than 7.8 million acres of land since 1985.
KINK salutes Land Rover of Portland’s actions for creating actual realized change.



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