KINK is Carbon Neutral… now what?

101.9 KINK is proud to support renewable energy in partnership with BEF.




Adventures in Sustainability

I also want to answer your recycling questions. Here I explain what to do with household batteries. If you have a recycling question, send me an email at

The hows and whys of recycling cell phones.

The City of Portland rocks! They quickly sent us these signs to make recycling and composting less confusing at work.

My second EcoChallenge was to replace all of the signs that had been taken down when our kitchen was painted. I’m hoping this will lead to fewer mistakes.

The response was great! We filled a few shelves with reusable mugs and people even brought in plates and bowls to share!

I gave myself a number of challenges during last fall’s EcoChallenge, including stocking our shelves with reusable mugs.