Jimi Hendrix: The Beauty Collection

The watering down of the Jimi Hendrix legacy continues with the launch of the Limited-Edition Jimi Hendrix Beauty Collection.

A press release reads:

“Harkening back to a groovier time when tie dye ruled the day and Rock & Roll was evolving by the hour, this limited-edition Rock and Roll Beauty Collection celebrates Jimi Hendrix and his groundbreaking musical genius, amplified through his unique personal style.

“The limited-edition collection exudes a ’60s vibe with his signature song ‘Purple Haze’ taking center stage in the creation of the line. The ‘Hey Baby’ artistry palette with its names pulled from the ’60s, such as ‘Dolly Dagger’ and ‘Right On.’ soothes and babies you with smooth blendable shades combining richly pigmented buttery mattes with soft lustrous satins, and shimmers for a look that’s definitely out of sight.

The ‘Foxy Lady’ matte lip duos offer three fiery colors with a long-wearing comfortable matte liquid lipstick, perfectly paired with a complimentary defining lip liner. These highly pigmented hues are designed to give you a bold, precise pout that is undeniably far out!”

If you couldn’t make heads or tails out of any of that, or if you need more details, go to RockAndRollBeauty.com or Ulta.com.