Jared’s best of 2020

Okay, I get it… it was a crappy year. I am tired of talking about the negative. So I present to you some positive moments, music, and 2020 life happenings that are too good to look back on without being thankful I had them in my life.

First up – MUSIC.

My Song of the Year goes to Haim with ‘Now I’m in It.’ It’s from an album so good they’re up for a Grammy for ALBUM OF THE YEAR.

Song of the Year runner-up – The Avalanches ft Leon Bridges ‘Interstellar Love’ (the sample from Alan Parsons is what I LOVE)

Album of the Year (tie) Tame Impala ‘The Slow Rush’ – the bands’ 4th album and an album that took a bit longer to get out than it should have due to Califonia’s wildfires. “While writing songs for the album, Parker had to flee a Malibu Airbnb in 2018, reportedly clutching only his laptop, a hard drive and his 1960s vintage Höfner bass as forest fires consumed the neighborhood.” It is a complete album full of highly addictive danceable head-bopping songs.

Album of the Year (tie) Glass Animals ‘Dreamland’ – I’ll be honest, I’ve never really delved deep into the albums of Glass Animals prior to Dreamland. They produce a sound that is very unique. In a year of dominantly “bedroom songwriting” bands and Tik Tok artists, this album is VERY refreshing.

Best of TV/Streaming – The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

It was above and beyond my expectations. The set design, the costume design, the dialogue, the incredibly defined characters… and easy to understand even for a ding-dong like me who doesn’t get the true ins and outs of the game of chess.


Other great 2020 happenings –

Hiking in the PNW – 2020 did not cancel that and it is still GORGEOUS out there.


I have NEVER on my 1000’s of hikes come this close to elk – thanks 2020! Plus it was great to see the re-opening of Ecola State Park

Other Best of 2020 for me… 

Eating this massive biscuit at Word of Mouth Bistro in Salem. BONUS – only had to wait 10 minutes to get in. (If you know, you know)

I hand fed some Alpacas

As a lifelong Blazers fan, I sat closer to the action than I ever have in my life! Normally we are in the nosebleeds… and love it up there too.

Got to witness the greatness of Dermot Kennedy in the Bloodworks Live Studio

Catching my first Basquait in person at the PSU Museum of Art

My oldest son graduated!

In 2020 I was fortunate enough to become a homeowner with my girlfriend and we adopted this old guy! My/our first dog EVER.


And that’s a wrap. Thanks 2020, I suppose you did bring some joy. Bring on some 2021!